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Real Eagle Construction was founded in 2019 and maintains its full-service office. Our company is registered and offers a full range of construction services.

AHJ Coordination

Schedule Development

Design Management

Site Utilization and Logistics Planning

Cost Estimating & Modeling

Constructability Analysis

Value Analysis

Phase Planning

Bid Package Planning & Development

Document Quality Analysis & Control

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

Trade Partner Prequalification

Why Choose Our Service

We plan

Real Eagle Construction starts leading before construction starts.

We analyze

Real Eagle Construction analyzes costs and schedules for your project.

We implement

Real Eagle finally executes the best approach for your project.

We mitigate risks

Our project teams collaborate with stakeholders to identify objectives, assess and mitigate risk.

Material costs

Our Preconstruction Department keeps an active database of current material costs in each of our markets.

Close relationships

We maintain close working relationships with local trade partners who actively bid our work.

Let's start something great together.

Today Real Eagle Construction is one of the professional painting companies that participates the most in important projects in the city, schools, hospitals, apartments and more.

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Our History

Real Eagle Construction began, after 15 years of experience working as a subcontractor with large construction companies in the Industry within the State of Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico, as a family company with big dreams of providing customers with a high quality in its projects.


For the last five years, Isabel Bernal has been proving that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to commercial painting.
Because of her reputation for quality work, Bernal company, REAL EAGLE CONSTRUCTION, has grown from three to 21 employees, and gross revenue is expected to top more than $1 million this year. REAL EAGLE provides a complete line of professional paint finishes for all types of commercial construction.
After working 10 years for a national paint company, Isabel was offered the opportunity to serve as a project manager for a large paint contractor in Texas Through this experience she learned all aspects of paint applications, building procedures and the bidding processes. When the owner of the company retired and closed up shop, Isabel returned to Oklahoma and began researching her opportunities to start her own company in the Tulsa area.
Isabel had developed many contacts among painting contractors, and she began to pick up small contracts from their overflow. Although work was slow, she began to build a strong foundation for a reputation of quality work. As work picked up, she began receiving requests from general contractors to bid their jobs.
However, growth proved to be an unexpected obstacle. As she began to grow, she realized she needed more capital to finance projects until payment for the work came in. That’s when she contacted the U.S. Small Business Administration for help.
Bernal. keeps up with the changing construction market and is constantly looking for ways to expand her business. Right now her work has grown beyond the Tulsa area. She works jobs in Muskogee, McAlester, Tahlequah, Vinita, and Stillwater. She also has completed jobs in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri.

Our Clients

You can also be part of the group of people who trust Real Eagle Construction. Thanks for trusting us!

About Us

Real Eagle Construction was founded in 2019 and maintains its full-service office. The company is registered and offers a full range of construction services.
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