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Real Eagle Construction

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We deliver innovative paint solutions with a constant focus on quality, safety, cost, and schedule. A commitment to excellence

Construction services

We start leading before construction starts to help plan, analyze, and implement the best approach for your project.

Painting services

At Real Eagle Constructions you will find experts in treating your property with the care it deserves.

Framing and drywall

We have a special team trained and experienced in working with framing and drywall.

Tape and bed

Our tape and bedding services meet the highest international and quality standards.

Epoxy floors

When it comes to epoxy floors we are the best, ee improve the appearance and durability of your floors.

Wall covering final cleaning

Get professional wall, ceiling & floor cleaning services from experienced pros.

How We do The job

Through a spirit of collaboration, a commitment to excellence, and a culture focused on integrity and responsibility, we deliver innovative paint solutions with a:

Real Eagle Construction has experience on

Why choose us? Today Real Eagle Construction is one of the professional painting companies that participates the most in important projects in the city.


Education Higher Ed


Multi-Unit Residential





Education K-12

We do great! on schedule and on budget

Our approach to safety based on the OSHA Program has delivered extraordinary results that benefit our customers and industry business partners. Real Eagle Construction’s unique approach to driving efficiency and value for our clients, designers, and business partners are what we stand for.

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I don't regret hiring them to make my office beautiful.
Heather K. Gates
I had the best advice for my project, in terms of costs they are very clear
Peter Johnson
We planned all the phases of my project and that gave me a lot of satisfaction
Helen Brown

About Us

Real Eagle Construction was founded in 2019 and maintains its full-service office. The company is registered and offers a full range of construction services.
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